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What makes usdifferent?

Our firm is the result of the partnership of experienced lawyers with the common aim of providing companies and individuals with independent, personalised legal advice within a close, confidential relationship.


All of us have at least 15 years of professional practice as lawyers of the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM)), having formed part of the team of prestigious local and international law firms where we have advised both domestic and foreign clients.

The Senior Partner of the Firm, Juan B. Antequera Jordán de Urríes, has spent most of his professional career at the International Law Firm CLIFFORD CHANCE, holding the position of Managing Partner in Spain of the Real Estate Department as well as the Managing Director of the Barcelona office.

He has been repeatedly recognized by prestigious Lawyers’ Guides such as CHAMBERS&PARTNERS, LEGAL 500, EUROPEAN LEGAL EXPERTS o BEST LAWYERS as a prominent lawyer in advising domestic and international investment funds and real estate companies.


Lawyers are often said to be slow to change. We reject that tradition, embracing technology as a tool to help us serve our clients more efficiently. In our years of practice, we have identified many outdated methods in the practice of law. At Antequera Real Estate Law we aim to fix them.

Here are just a few of our improvements:

Easy, Real-Time Scheduling

Our clients usually reach out to us in times of crisis. The traditional model is slow and cumbersome – requiring clients to send emails or leave phone messages, wait for a response, or cross-check calendars through an assistant.

Recognizing the frequent need for immediate assistance, we have implemented a do-it-yourself online scheduling system. Now, potential clients can schedule themselves, and confirm availability for meetings in a short time.

Documentation available “on the cloud”

Our clients often ask us urgently documentation about their cases.

Our trips and meetings with other clients do not allow us to provide an immediate response, so we have organized ourselves to respond quickly and safely, with the assistance of an accredited “icloud” system.

Our Firm’s “icloud” system is Microsoft’s “OneDrive”, which makes possible to store and share files from anywhere.

Online Videoconferencing System

Many of our local or foreign clients need to contact us immediately, thus saving time and travel costs.

To respond to their demands, we have developed an online video conferencing system to facilitate connections with our clients. Our Online Videoconferencing System allows us to involve other interested parties and/or their legal advisors in our discussions, making relevant documentation available for review, sharing and editing, thereby facilitating the progress of negotiations.

Also, online videoconferencing is used for training courses to company employees, such as those we developed as part of the content of a criminal compliance management system.


As Lawyers, clients give us their full confidence when telling us their problems and entrusting us with their matters.

We firmly believe that our profession must be an example in its daily function and we must maintain as Lawyers an irreproachable behaviour, not only with our clients but also with other colleagues, as well as when dealing with institutions and organizations.

The Madrid Bar Association (ICAM) has published an Ethical Guide for Lawyers, in which it sets out the lawyer´s code of conduct in our daily activity.

At Antequera Real Estate Law we assume ethical obligations derived from our status as independent advisors:

  • We will not accept a matter for which we are not fully qualified.
  • We should not promote a court case if it is not absolutely necessary for our client´s defence.
  • We should maintain strict professional secrecy about our client´s matters.
  • We should promote continuous training and specialization of our members to provide a better service to our clients.
  • We should avoid disloyalty to our clients and refrain from making our own interests prevail.